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any pics of u? u must be beautiful, native americans are pretty neat!

haha yeah, Native Americans are pretty neat! There are a couple personal pictures of me and my cousin on here that my cousin posted when she was helping me run this tumblr when it was first started, but I don’t label them or tag them as me so most people won’t know they’re me.


I found this amazing old photo of my great grand uncle and great great grandfather(both on the far right) with other members of the Wyandot/Huron tribe. Taken in 1922 in Ontario,Canada.


"Fantastic color" by Allan Caron on

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this isn't so much of a question but more of a statement to the last anon that was having people tell them they weren't Cherokee. with the Cherokee tribes, they don't have a blood quantum, and if you can find an ancestor on their tribal scrolls then you are Cherokee and can receive their card to be recognized in the tribe. i'm not sure if that helps, but i hope in some way it will.

Yes, I was trying to answer that question a little more generically though, because I get it a lot from a lot of people affiliated with a lot of different tribes. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. But yeah, each tribe kind of has their own way of how to enroll or prove your Native descent. A lot of them go with the blood quantum levels, which is why I suggested that. And actually it depends on which band of Cherokee you apply to for your citizenship. Some do have blood quantum. But anyone can use Google to find out for sure the way to apply for their specific tribe.