I am in love with this image. (photo by Dakota Fine)


1. a Piegan Indian with his Medicine Pipe. It was made in 1910 by Edward S. Curtis.
2. Richard White Bull - Oglala - 1899
3. Chiricahuah Apache prisoner of war Isabelle Perico Enjady in a puberty dress, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. 1886-1914
4. Ute woman, Pee-A-Rat and her baby. Photographed: ca. 1899.
5. A beautiful photograph of an indian maiden named “Dusty Dress.” It was taken in 1910 by Edward S. Curtis.
6. Cetan Wakiyan (aka Thunder Hawk) - Hunkpapa - circa 1880


Clemens Kalischer, Cherokee Indians, South Carolina, 1948


Independent Lens and Vision Maker Media present “Young Lakota.” Three young people living in the Pine Ridge Reservation try to forge a better future. When the first female President of Oglala Lakota defies a South Dakota law criminalizing abortion by vowing to build a women’s clinic in their sovereign territory, the young tribe members are faced with difficult choices. 


Karina Rain N. Dominguez was on site at the LA City Hall to celebrate American Indian Heritage Month! 

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Santa Fe Indian Market 2013 Fashion, Style, and Art Events


golden eagle wedge booties, Alicia’s Ink (Kwakwaka’wakw)


Woman With Eagle Feather: The Photo ‘Heard’ Round the World

The scene was chaotic: heavily armed Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) pouring into an encampment of sleeping protesters, leading dogs and carrying assault rifles. Amid burning police cars, pepper-spray-spewing hoses and barking police dogs, 28-year-old Amanda Polchies dropped to her knees, brandishing the only “weapon” she had: an eagle feather. Holding it aloft, she began to pray.