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So I have a question. My grandfather is Cherokee and I believe he is part Blackfeet? Idk for sure. But I have one grandmother who told me she was something I don't know how to spell lol (sad) and Lumbee. I've looked up Lumbee tribes and found that they were not really accepted as being native Americans. Yet, some people have told my grandmother because she is lumbee she was originally suppose to have a green card which u found to be completely ridiculous for numerous reasons. But anyway, what do you know about Lumbee people? Are they really native American? From what Ive read they're not.

There reason there is some speculation about the Lumbee people is because research demonstrated that there were numerous mixed-race African American surnames in Lumbee ancestry. The Lumbee were mostly descendants of white women and African men, who worked and lived together in colonial Virginia. These connections have been traced for numerous individuals and families through court records, land deeds and other existing historical documents. It is believed that when they began to settle in Robeson County, they may have intermarried with Native American survivors and acculturated as Indian.

This one’s kind of a tough call as to whether or not the Lumbee people are actually Indigenous Americans or not. I think it’s more of a matter of personal opinion on this one because some people believe they are, and some people don’t because there’s more African American and mixed genealogy there than there is Native American.

In the 1950’s the U.S. Congress passed the Lumbee Act, which recognized the Lumbee as Native American people; but specifically withheld recognition for them as a “tribe.”

But in 2009, US Representative Mike McIntyre intended to grant the Lumbee Indians federal recognition. On June 3, 2009, the US House of Representatives voted 240 to 179 for federal recognition for the Lumbee tribe, acknowledging that they are the descendants of the Cheraw tribe. But the bill still needs approval by the full Senate before becoming law. 

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  1. thingsformestuffforyou said: There is actually one other possibility for the African blood in the Lumbee. Apparently when Sir Francis Drake picked up the first colonists at Roanoke he had to drop his cargo to make room. His cargo was 300 or so slaves.
  2. j0phus said: They weren’t white; Therefor, they were not Americans.
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