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I would like to know your perspective on outsiders pursuing Native American religions. I'm aware there's some controversy there, and I'm also aware there is more than one belief system and that it is grossly incorrect for people to just boil it down to "Great Spirit and Brother Wolf," the way they seem to.

Religion is such a touchy subject, so I’m going to keep this as nutral as possible.. & I try not to give too personal of an answer for questions like this because my opinions don’t reflect everyone elses in the Native community.

That being said, I don’t think anyone should ever be judged on their religion or their spititual beliefs; And I feel that every person is entitled to believe in whatever they want to, so long as they are not causing harm to anyone else. However, I feel that when people who aren’t Native are looking into Native American spirituality, it tends to be more of the “New Agey” type of stuff, which isn’t really Native teachings at all. It’s mostly loosely based on Native teachings and then reitterated for “white people” to believe in power crystals, meditation huts, and other gimmicks. And they tend to go about it all wrong in the first place.

It’s also a bit odd to me, when you think of certain Native beliefs like The Dreamer Faith, which taught that “white people would disapper” and that nature would return to the way it used to be before they came to America. So I don’t understand why people of a caucasian & europiod decsent would be supportive of Native religions that teach such things.

 But of course, my followers are always free to comment & share their thoughts. Especially my Native followers, because I’m curious about their personal opinions on this.

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