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Hey, Just wanted to say Awesome Amazing Insanely Great tumblr! I stumbled upon it a couple of days ago, and I think I've looked through over 100 pages now, I adore it all and I love how you stand up for the blatant appropreation of our culture. I'm metis, 1/2 Native (Mohawk) and 1/2 French Canadian, although there is also Mi'kmaq, Pawnee and Menominee in me as well anyway I just wanted to say keep up the awesome work!

Thank you. It’s amazing how my tumblr has taken off over the past few months.. and I haven’t even been posting on it the way I used to. I originally started this page because there were so few “Native American Tumblrs” out there, (now there’s quite a few), and the most popular one at the time was “fuckyeahnativeamericans" and I wasn’t thrilled with that tumblr’s depiction of Indigenous Americans, which led me to start this page. But I appreciate all of my followers, old and new! So thank you.

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