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I come from France but have lived in the US for a while. I am an advocate for cultures, their history and right to develop, fascinated and enriched by them. I just stumbled upon your blog that is just beautiful, and was wondering what your thoughts were on the idea that "we're all indigenous."

I don’t generally like to answer questions like this, because once again, this is a question asking for a personal opinion. And my opinion isn’t representative of every Indigenous individual.

But, in my opinion; “we are all indigenous” is something that New Wave crystal huggers and permaculturists are extremely fond of saying. But in my opinion it sounds ignorant. It may have been true once upon a time, beforeĀ slaves, indentured servants, gentry, refugees, and voluntary immigrants, but not anymore. Taking land from someone else and claiming it for yourself, doesn’t make you “indigenous to it”. It just makes you a douche. There are significant differences between being Native by having been in a culture and community that is part of this land since time immemorial, and striving to become “Native” by learning how to live in a place as part of it and adopting or taking it over for yourself.

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